What should you do to prepare the home for the photoshoot?
The house should look clean and organized.
Decluttering countertops go a long way in making a home look open and inviting.
Hide garbage cans in bathrooms, kitchen and make sure that exterior trash cans are stored away.
If a twilight shoot is scheduled, make sure that all exterior and interior lights turn on.

Park vehicles away from the house or in the garage.
Remove trash, branches, and leaves, especially in the driveway.
Sweep outdoor space and walkways.
Remove visible foliage from the roof and gutters.
Remove debris, hose, and toys from the pool.
Store outdoor trash and recycling bins - it is best to place them in a garage area in an outside shed for the photoshoot.
Store garden hoses and caddy.
Store BBQ and accessories or clean it.
Wash windows and glass doors.  This is key for interior shots!  
Clean outdoor furniture.
Place pillows, umbrellas, etc., on outdoor furniture.
Straighten outdoor furniture.
Store seasonal décor.

Lights off, please. Artificial lighting will skew the colors of the home to yellow or blue. Natural outside light is the best. In rooms with no windows, the photographer will adjust the lighting accordingly.
Window Shades Shutters and Blinds:
Horizontal blinds and shutters - make sure all horizontal blinds and shutters are open to allow as much natural light in as possible.  Don’t worry if the neighbor’s house is right next to you or if there is something in the view.  We will overexpose these photos so the view won’t be seen.
Vertical blinds - fully open as well.
Clear all countertops and remove clutter.
Depersonalize the home with photos, names, etc.
Turn off fans; store portable fans.
Clean mirrors and windows.
Vacuum carpets and polish floors.
Store wastebaskets in laundry baskets out of sight.
Store pet dishes, toys, beds, etc.
Turn off televisions, computers, and dust screens.
Display attractive books, magazines, etc.
Store remote controls and chargers.
Hide electrical cords and cables.
Store toys and video games.
Store seasonal decor.
Remove rugs and runners in kitchens, entryways, and bathrooms so that the floor can be seen clearly.
Remove excess furnishings and knick-knacks from rooms.

Remove dirty dishes, food, etc.
Store food.
Clear counters of clutter
Hide small appliances so the counter space looks larger.
Remove refrigerator magnets, photos, etc.
Clean surfaces and appliances.
Hide soaps, towels, cleaning items, etc.
Store draining racks.
Organize open shelves.
Sweep and mop the kitchen floor and rug.

Minimize photos and personal items.
Organize bookshelves.
Minimize knick-knacks.
Remove excess furniture and accessories.

Make the beds correctly and remove wrinkles.
Arrange decorative pillows.
Store clothing and shoes.
Remove items underneath the bed. They usually can be seen in photos!
Remove all clutter.
Tidy master closets.
Declutter and depersonalize bedside tables.
Remove laundry and stow hampers.

Close toilet lids.
Remove countertop items.
Remove bath and shower items.
Store toilet brushes, plungers, and wastebaskets.
Store towels.
Store soaps and candles.
Hide trash can

Ensure their cleanliness.
Get rid of dirt off the bottom and remove debris floating on top.
Remove the cover, floating chlorine dispenser, pool sweep, and pool toys.
Straighten lounge chairs, stow cleaning tools, and set up your patio umbrella if you have one.
Turn on pool light(s), spa bubbles, and waterfalls if photographed during twilight.
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